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REAPER 5.983

> REAPER 5.983 is available, with the following updates:
> + Fadein/fadeout tooltip: fix combined time display t=224530
> + Linux: improve default dialog/font sizes, menu checkmarks
> + Linux: fix modal rendering window issue t=224362
> + Linux: detect/warn/allow override if numeric locale is set in an incompatible fashion
> + MIDI: fix overdub/replace recording when using 0x90 note-offs and item velocity adjustment set t=224549
> + Playback: improve scrolling-by-action behavior when auto-scrolling view during playback is enabled
> + Preferences: remove outdated scrolling option
> + Project bay: fix comps view (5.975 regression) t=222183
> + ReaScript: Main_openProject() supports noprompt: and template: prefixes t=221668
> + ReaSurround: fix quadraphonic label typo
> + Save as: fix rounding issue when "trim media" enabled t=224122
> + Subprojects: prevent audio drivers from latently reopening device during subproject renders t=224498
> + Subprojects: allow import of subprojects when auto-background rendering is disabled t=224569
> + Transport: fix display of primary time unit when showing secondary time unit t=224458

REAPER 5.982

> 5.982
> + AIFF: support 8-bit uncompressed Amiga IFF files
> + AIFF: support reading FP files encoded with inconsistent bits/sample field
> + ARA: disable undo integration (should improve stability for Melodyne)
> + Actions: fix potential rounding error in actions to trim or remove selected area of selected items t=223134
> + Actions: faster screen updates when processing actions triggered by MIDI messages
> + Batch converter: fix command-line output filename generation t=108947
> + Batch converter: fix converter visibility being set by command line render
> + Batch converter: support OUTPATTERN in command-line configuration chunk
> + Command line: add -nosplash and -splashlog options
> + FX: avoid resetting FX from audio thread after undo/redo
> + FX: improve reliability of SetTrackStateChunk() API when setting FX state t=217691
> + JSFX: fix gfx_showmenu() coordinates on macOS retina displays
> + Jump to time: allow jumping to times relative to track/item by using tXiY prefix
> + Jump to time: mX and rX can be followed by whitespace and a time offset
> + MIDI: don't reset previous quantization for unselected notes when quantizing selected notes
> + macOS: automatically rescan MIDI hardware on device change notifications t=222339
> + macOS: fix GetUserFilenameForRead() t=223825
> + macOS: improve memory use calculation p=1980539
> + Marquee: fix drawing glitches after interrupted marquee selection
> + Media explorer: faster item navigation via arrow keys with large databases
> + Media items: add actions to force (persistent) offline of item media, inactive take media
> + Media items: add support for per-item beats ruler
> + Media items: if MIDI or click source has custom tempo/time signature set, use it for media item ruler
> + Media items: fix ruler color with certain themes t=223758
> + Navigator: improve behavior when continuous scrolling is enabled
> + Notation editor: fix rounding issue when auto-detecting triplets p=2166957 p=2159228
> + Project load: warn of low TLS/FLS slots when plug-ins failed to load
> + ReaScript: fix two small IDE issues when attaching to already-running scripts
> + ReaScript: fix gfx_showmenu() coordinates on macOS retina displays
> + Ruler/Transport: allow choosing primary and secondary display units separately
> + Scrub: do not include (previously incorrectly-rendered) take FX when scrubbing
> + Windows: fix topmost pins with certain multimonitor arrangements t=224062

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